Mimi Werner has been an artist her entire life.  She moved to Western Montana in 1979 from the state of Michigan where she was born, raised and attended school for fine arts at Central Michigan University. She received a BFA in Ceramic Art and Lava Jazz Pottery became her career shortly after. She loves having her hands in and on the earth ­ whether that is in the vegetable garden, moving rocks, tending to the orchard or creating works in clay. For more than thirty years her history as a studio potter has given her a connection to all those who have come before her and stand with her now – sharing a passion for clay.  Ancient civilizations, the world’s cultures -as potters sharing this common bond – all contribute to her enthusiasm for the medium. Working with the earth has shaped who she is and what her work has become. The mark of the fire onto the surface of the clay, the alchemy that transpires within the kiln between the fire and earth will always keep her returning to the studio. She is continually challenged by the medium and always trying new ideas. The connection and ritual that transpires between the pot and the person using that pot is a vital part of why she is driven to create functional pots. Her hope is that what she creates with clay is infused with her own love and fascination with shaping the earth.

Lava Jazz Studio and Gallery is open to the public and visitors are always welcome.