Hope and Possibility in Montana ClayWelcome to Montana Clay – everyone and anyone is welcome to our group. Please join our Facebook page for coming events, exhibitions or simply be in touch. The Montana Clay group meets annually to share regional information and news, please email Julia Galloway if you would like information about our next meeting.

This website is a gathering of information about ceramics in Montana. This website features full time active makers, artists, craftsmen, schools, art centers, and galleries that are invested in the preservation, promotion and advancement of the ceramics arts in Montana through shared resources, networking, open dialogue and advocacy. We welcome all ceramic artists and organizations that are full time residence in Montana, have a professional active clay practice, and would like to help promote ceramics in our state. To add yourself or your organization as a link to this web page please click here.

There are many national and international visiting artist working in residencies Montana and their work can be found through the Artist In Residence page in this website.